About Us


Social Enterpreneur by calling, a first generation Financial Services businessman by profession and an avid enthusiast of Swami Vivekananda's teaching, his approach to school education is specific: quality education must be affordable. Actively involved in welfare and development programmes, he has served as Vice-Chairman on the Local Board. It is his vision to make education rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the past- a better today to be born from the womb of yesterday. Education is meditation, but for him it is more than just meditation, balancing divinely on the edge of religion. Education is the demand of the nation, and so it is for Dr. D Senthil Rangaraj…

Dr. D Senthil Rangaraj
Chairman & Managing Trustee

A teacher par excellence, a teacher with a difference, Mrs. Maheswari Rangaraj is an embodiment OF Mathe-magic, what we mortals call Mathematics. An added feather to her cap is her exclusive knowledge and expertise on the development of the child and on decision making, keeping in view the progress of the child and the sheen of the Management. No wonder, she is the much-needed Trustee of this inspired academic endeavour. A trained classical dancer ,she knows the rhythm of Education.

Mrs. Maheswari Rangaraj