Residential Facilities

Welcome to International Community School's residential facilities. ICS terms its boarding as 'residential'. Children feel at home, both on account of the conducive, homely environment and the care and sensitivity extended by their trained dorm parents (Matron & Warden). ICS has 2 separate residential quarters- for Girls and Boys. Each dormitory has the dorm parent residing on the same floor adjoining the students' quarters.

All dormitories have attached restrooms with separate toilet and bathing facility. Students are provided with smart bunkers that include storage space for personal items. Within the dormitory is ample space and storage with locker facility for their clothing and other items and a common shoe-rack right outside the dorm entrance. Students are also provided with a study table each A separate study lounge for each dorm enables morning and evening study time. Please refer daily routine chart.

Each section within the dorm is divided into 3 groups of twelve students with a total capacity of 36 students per dorm. The overall Dorm management is entrusted to a Matron/Warden team who oversee health, hygiene and harmonious relations among the residents supported by a team of trained domestic staff.


All laundry of a resident student is taken care of under the direction of the House Parent. Soiled laundry is placed by the student into a laundry bag and collected. We try to ensure that great care is taken during the washing process. The laundry charges are deducted from the Impress Account.


The kitchen at ICS is appointed to serve Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian fare. We prepare three full meals a day as well as a mid-morning and afternoon snack. The menu is varied and is managed by a qualified nutritionist. Day scholars join the resident students during both snack and lunch intervals.

Health related information

Parents/ Guardians are required to provide a detailed history of the student's health at the time of admission. It is important for the school management to be informed about all details no matter how insignificant. All medical records are maintained by authorised personnel and is highly confidential. The School provides adequate First Aid facilities. Emergency medical treatment at a recognized hospital will be provided in accordance with the consent given in the medical form at the time of admission. Every effort would be made to contact a parent in such circumstances. Routine medical examinations by the School Doctor will be conducted. The school has a Medical Inspection Room attached to the Dormitories. Please refer medical facilities and related information in the admission form.


Supervised Prep is mandatory for all boarding students.

ID Cards

Parents will be issued with 2 identical ID cards carrying the photograph of the student.
Students leaving the campus will only be allowed to go with parents or appointed guardians showing the ID Card. Parents/Guardians are requested to take care of these cards as they are an important part of the school security system. Loss of a card must be reported immediately to the School Office. A new card will be issued on a chargeable basis. In the interim, the student will not be granted an Exeat.

Exeat Policy

Boarding student may leave the campus only with the proper Campus Exeat Slip duly completed and signed.
Boarders can only leave after the last bell of school is sounded. All boarders are expected to report to the campus the day prior to the beginning of term or after a mid-term break.

Parents visiting hours and phone calls

Parents may call the students over mobile phone, once every week (Sundays). Parents may visit the student during Free Weekends that are as per the schedule in the School Calendar.

Before Your Arrival

To carry one suitcase of clothes will be sufficient. To see a list of recommended clothes and toiletries, Please refer the boarding kit. Note: All clothing and articles brought by the child is to be tagged for identification.

Pocket Money

Resident students are issued a fixed amount pocket money, each month. This will be deducted from the student's Impress Account and disbursed by the Dorm Parent. Apart from the pocket money, children are not allowed to carry any other cash.

Boarding Fees

Please contact the school office to know about the ICS' Boarding fee package.